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City Innovate

City Innovate

IT, Sales & Business Development
United States
Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Business Analyst (BA) plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions at City Innovate, contributing to the overall success of our projects. The Business Analyst will work alongside Solution Engineers (SEs) and Project Managers (PM) as part of the Service Delivery team to help them ensure City Innovate customers are onboarded efficiently and effectively.

The BA will develop deep relationships with clients to learn about and document their processes, understand their current state, uncover any product gaps, and clearly document the vision of success for the customer in the project charter.

Key responsibilities of the Business Analyst role include:

As-is Requirements Gathering: Work closely with stakeholders to understand and document their as-is business requirements. This involves conducting interviews, workshops, and analyzing existing documentation.

Analysis and Documentation: Analyze collected data to identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement. Document and communicate business processes, workflows, system requirements, and pain points.

Data Analysis: Analyze data to provide insights and support decision-making processes. This may involve creating reports, dashboards, and conducting data modeling.

Solution Assessment and Validation: Evaluate proposed solutions to ensure they meet business requirements. Validate that implemented solutions align with the initially defined objectives.

Communication: Facilitate communication between business stakeholders, implementation team, and the product team. Ensure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the requirements and project goals. Collaborate with project managers to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Assist in project planning, monitoring, and reporting.

Change Management: Support the implementation of changes by providing documentation, training, and communication to affected stakeholders. Help manage the transition to new processes or systems.

Problem Solving: Identify and address issues and challenges that may arise during the project lifecycle. Propose effective solutions to ensure project success.

Quality Assurance: Ensure the quality of deliverables by conducting testing and validation activities. Collaborate with testing teams to ensure that the developed solutions meet business requirements.

Continuous Improvement: Recommend improvements to existing business processes and systems. Stay informed about industry best practices and emerging technologies.

Stakeholder Management: Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders. Understand their needs and priorities to align business strategies with technology solutions.

At City Innovate, we’re well aware of the impact the government can have on people’s lives. We won’t rest until every government has access to the modern technologies the private sector takes for granted. The barrier here is legacy procurement processes that can be byzantine in complexity. City Innovate makes products to modernize legacy procurement processes and as well as to pioneer greater agility in procurement using something we call a Challenge-Based Approach.

We are looking for a Business Analyst to help understand customer needs and present solutions accordingly as we grow City Innovate to the next level.