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Ambient Fuels is a green hydrogen project developer, building facilities to deliver abundant, cost-competitive clean fuel. The company is enabling a transition to clean energy for operations that have historically relied on fossil fuel-based energy.
Ayla Networks' Internet of Things (IoT) platform-as-a-service (PaaS) delivers industry-leading device management and application enablement.
At CampusLogic, we believe that higher education has the power to change the trajectory of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Financial aid professionals work tirelessly to help students navigate financial aid—but it doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming uphill climb. We build best-in-class software products that make student financial success possible through automation, advising, and analytics.
Healthcare is unreasonably complex and costly. At Carrum Health, we’re applying a common sense approach to simplify the payment model and produce greater value for employers and their employees. We do so by directly connecting progressive self-insured employers to top-quality regional healthcare providers through the industry’s first comprehensive bundled payment solution. Our innovative platform reimagines how care is paid for and delivered, improving the value of health benefits for employers and their members.
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Catalant is a software platform that helps companies to execute on strategy faster. It allows organizations to set strategic objectives, understand and assign internal talent resources, track execution with a more transparent workflow, and flexibly access over 65,000 Catalant experts to execute on those company goals.
Cecelia Health is a high-growth, venture-backed health technology-enabled services company based in New York City. The company partners with pharmaceutical companies, payers, and accountable care organizations to deliver a personalized, technology-based approach to transforming the lives and significantly improving the health outcomes of people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Founded in 2009, the company has a proven track record of results including 20% greater prescription adherence and demonstrable reductions in A1C values.
City Innovate focuses on CIOs, Agency Leaders, and Procurement Officers tasked with driving innovation and digital transformation from inside of City, County, State, and Federal government. What they tell City Innovate is that procurement is the first step towards innovation and digital transformation. To make that first step happen with more speed & less effort, City Innovate makes a suite of products that work in the cloud, support remote collaboration, and will turbocharge your workflows.
Civitas Learning is an intelligent student success platform to equip your team with real-time insights and workflow solutions to support the entire student lifecycle, achieve equitable outcomes and build sustainable institutions today and tomorrow.
Community Energy, since its founding in 1999, has partnered with utilities, Fortune 500 companies, and communities to develop more than a gigawatt of reliable, high-quality solar and wind projects. Community Energy is a clean energy project developer that fosters long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders to provide low-risk, customized solutions. As an early pioneer of commercializing renewable energy assets, Community Energy leverages emerging technologies and resources to support the decarbonization of energy systems and enable a carbon-free future. The company developed the first wind farms in New Jersey and New Hampshire, as well as the first 100 MW+ utility-scale solar projects in Colorado, Minnesota, and Virginia.
Cooks Venture sells a proprietary heirloom breed of chicken that is healthier and more biologically balanced than conventional breeds, resulting in both significantly better animal welfare and strikingly superior taste. The chickens’ slower-growing nature, pasture-raised environments and regenerative agriculture relationships provide additional differentiating attributes in the poultry market. Cooks was established by a group of farmers, cooks and food professionals who decided to build a new food system animal-by-animal, plant-by-plant, meal-by-meal.
Easy Metrics is a SaaS-based business intelligence platform that helps companies identify and optimize their labor costs. The company’s labor management system delivers 40% productivity improvements while providing significantly enhanced insights into labor-intensive activities. Cost savings are often shared with employees, producing both economic and job quality benefits. Easy Metrics has partnered with The Raymond Corporation and its iWAREHOUSE® fleet management solution, iWAREHOUSE Enterprise™, to launch a fully integrated solution merging warehouse fleet management data with the labor management system from Easy Metrics. The combined system greatly improves the development of cost and performance standards for warehouse operators.
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Elemeno Health provides clinicians with a unique “playbook in your pocket” for enhancing patient care and executing day-to-day tasks efficiently. The microsolutions powered by Elemeno feature content that is accessible, digestible and customized to each hospital department’s preferences. The company’s offering has resulted in increased nurse engagement, with associated improvements in nurse satisfaction and retention; streamlined orientations, with shortened time to value for new hires; and improved care consistency, with decreases in errors and patient harm.