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Senior Data Scientist Transport Europe

Perishable Shipping Solutions

Perishable Shipping Solutions

Data Science
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Lineage is the largest cold storage network in the world, playing a critical role in multiple global supply chains. We store and transport temperature-sensitive commodities, not only throughout Europe, but also across the globe using our global network of warehouses, integrated solutions, and trusted partner networks. We currently handle more than 600,000 shipments annually for our customers ensuring the safety and efficiency of the food supply chain in Europe.

Lineage’s Data Science team, ranked as the number one most innovative data science team by Fast Company in 2019, is working to make a lasting impact on the food supply chain by cutting power consumption, enabling more effective inventory management for our customers, and reducing the number of trucks on the road. This role will work specifically to contribute to our mission of reducing the number of trucks on the road.

While Lineage began as primarily a warehousing company, our data has shown us just how inefficient the transportation of food is across the supply chain and how Lineage is in a unique position to improve it. We are working closely with Lineage’s Transportation organization to leverage our data to minimize the financial and environmental cost of transporting food in the supply chain by:

  • Reducing the distance food travels to get from the farm to the table by optimizing the locations of nodes in our customers’ networks.
  • Maximizing the utilization of the remaining trucks on the road by building programs that allow our customers to share trucks when shipping their product to/from the same location.
  • Minimizing the number of miles that a truck driver travels empty (and unpaid) to get to their next job by offering them continuous moves: a set of loads where each originates in the location that their previous load culminated, and ideally finishes back near their home.
The Transportation Data Science team is looking for an experienced data science generalist who is excited about making a difference in the world of temperature-controlled logistics and having a job where contributing to the company’s bottom line aligns with benefiting the environment, our customers, and our vendors. Our day-to-day work includes a blend of:
• Gathering relevant data from various sources (core Lineage systems and legacy data sources).
• Interpreting the analyzed data and translating it into meaningful insights and actionable analytics.
• Creating reports, dashboards, and visualizations to effectively communicate findings.
• Ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data by conducting quality checks, validating data sources, and implementing data governance practices.

What will you be doing

In this role you will be a member of the European IT data team while also taking part in Lineage’s Transportation Data Science team. You will also work closely together with the global and European IT and transportation organizations.

  • Implement analytical and statistical techniques (e.g., hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, descriptive statistics, correlation, regression, etc.).
  • Perform data extraction, cleansing, and transformation of datasets for statistical analysis.
  • Identify new datasets for integration with existing tools.
  • Build and prototype analysis pipelines iteratively to provide insights to business partners.
  • Work with the European IT teams to bridge any gaps in data collection, ingestion, or quality needed to enable data science use cases.

What will you bring to Lineage

You are an experienced professional in collaborating directly with business stakeholders, prioritizing requests, and managing timelines. You have proficiency in analyzing and interpreting complex datasets using statistical techniques, data modeling, and data visualization tools.

  • Skilled to manipulate and analyze data, automate processes, and build data models. Ability to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources using SQL queries, as well as proficiency in data cleaning, data transformation, and data integration.
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to identify problems, develop analytical approaches, and derive insights from complex datasets.
  • Communication and Visualization: Excellent communication skills to effectively present and communicate data-driven insights to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, using visualizations, reports, and presentations.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Transportation Engineering, or related field fluency in Python and SQL (other languages a plus)
  • Extensive experience performing exploratory data analysis.
  • Ability to assess and ensure data quality.
  • Knowledge of software development best practices and how to write quality code.

Waarom Lineage?

Dit is een uitstekende positie om uw carrière binnen Lineage te beginnen! Succes in deze rol draagt bij aan meer verantwoordelijkheden, alsmede promoties in de toekomst! Een carrière bij Lineage begint met het leren van onze business en hoe ieder teamlid een belangrijke rol speelt en bijdraagt aan de tevredenheid van onze klanten. Daarnaast draagt u bij aan de groei van onze organisatie en het helpen realiseren van ons doel, namelijk de beste werkgever in onze brache worden. Wij zijn altijd benieuwd naar uw mening. Ontwikkeling.en betrokkenheid vinden wij belangrijk binnen Lineage. Werken bij Lineage is prettig en uitdagend, we gaan op een respectvolle manier met elkaar om en we geven om onze teamleden.

Lineage biedt een dynamische en veilige werkomgeving, uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden en diverse doorgroeimogelijkheden.