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Frontend Engineer (React)



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

SchooLinks is looking for mid level, senior, and lead front end developers to join our team and leave a lasting impact on a product that leaves a lasting impact on students' lives.

We want to hire someone who can really understand problems and data from a conceptual level— we don't just want to tell you what to do, but want you to figure out how to solve problems and build internal frameworks and approaches that will scale to millions of users and a larger team of engineers.

This is primarily an individual contributor role where you will have the responsibility to design and build the best solutions. You will be responsible for code review and mentorship of more junior members of the team.


Your experience:

  • At least 4 years of experience shipping production quality FE code with React.js
  • We may consider exceptional candidates that have slightly less experience, but this is not a role for junior engineers.
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication
  • You are not comfortable just building what you're told... specifically you must be comfortable taking ownership over technical decisions about code structure, tooling, and be interested in the actual product you're working on
  • Experience building complex and modern UIs that require a strong understanding of the underlying business logic
  • Past work writing tested code and doing test-driven development
  • FE Architecture planning abilities and experience
  • Looking to grow professionally (and ideally looking to do it quickly!)

Nice to haves:

  • FE architecture and planning experience
  • You either want to become a technical manager or are open to that possibility in the future (we're looking to actively groom technical leadership in our organization)

  • AWS experience

  • Interest or experience with education

  • Experience with the Material UI framework

Screening Process:

  1. Recorded Video Questions -- If we think based on your application and resume that you'd potentially be a good fit, we will send you a link to a program that asks you some questions about yourself and React/FE development. This video will go to our engineering leads/management to watch and decide if they'll take you through the interview process. The recording takes less than 15 min. If you're curious about our rationale for including this interview recording step in our process, you can read more here.

2. Live Coding Challenge - We'll have you make a simple React app from scratch by building a simple UI and making requests to an API we provide credentials for

  1. Requirement Planning Challenge- We will give you designs + requirements and a series of questions to about your understanding of the designs and see what questions you would need to ask about this project to be able to plan your implementation (component breakdown, state management approach, time/effort estimates). This is to test your communication skills, planning ability, and product sensibilities. You will be given the information ahead of time and we expect you to spend 1-2 hours prepping and thinking about the requirements.


  • What is the team size we'll be working with?

    • You'll be working within one of our pods of 4-5 engineers, a designer, an engineering lead/manager, and QA engineer
  • What tools does your team use?

    • FE: React (16.14 with JS), React-query, some redux, but moving away from it and making more use of hooks and component state, webpack
    • BE: Django, DRF, Celery, MySQL, Redis
    • Libraries (a couple of libraries we use a lot-- but there are MANY more):
    • MUI, Nivo, Final Form,
    • Sentry
    • AWS, Jenkins for builds
    • Github, Jira, Slack, Notion, Loom
  • What does your company/product do?

    • College and Career Readiness software that we sell to school districts. The tool is for students, staff, guardians, and community members. Learn more at https://hello.schoolinks.com/
  • Tell us about your dev practices

    • Pragmatic is the best way to describe. We use eslint and prettier to keep code clean. We have some tests for code that we know is going to be around for a while or many modules depend on, but we're not strictly TDD. We tend to ship MVPs quickly and then go back and refactor and/or rebuild when we have more learnings and better ideas about how to abstract products. The name of the game for us is speed to market. We ship major releases every two weeks
  • Tell us about your general working style

    • Asynchronous - we tend to try to get as much communication into structured formats as possible -- PRs, documentation, comments, Jira tickets vs. scheduling meetings. We do try to have the majority of our meetings around out standup to make sure that our teammates have as much focused deep work time as possible
    • Remote - we have a small number of engineers on site, but many are distributed as well as much of our leadership distributed, so you can be a full-fledged member of our team and not be in the office in Austin (this was from before the pandemic and will be the case after the pandemic)
    • Driven- our team members really believe in what we're doing and we work hard because we're personally invested in the outcome and take ownership over the work we do


Competitive Salary

Part of a remote-friendly company and a fully remote team/pod

Flexible working hours and healthy asynchronous working practices

Long-term employment with considerations for promotion and raises every 6 months. We're running a high-growth and sustainable company.

For US-based candidates:

  • Full health (healthcare, vision, dental, ClassPass, etc.)
  • Company 401k Program with up to 1% matching